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  RULES How to register ?

DM Vesh Oleander with your desired password and he will register your account.

How to get casino tokens ?

Whenever you need casino tokens, send your galactic credits to Vesh Oleander and he will credit your casino account.

How to get my money ?

Whenever you want to cash your tokens, DM Vesh Oleander and he will convert them into good galactic credits.


Buy as many tickets as you want. The price is 250,000 credits each. 80% of this amount is added to the pot. Every 15th of the month a number is automatically and randomly generated. If you have all the good numbers, even in the wrong order you win the pot.

Yes, you heard it well ... it means that if only 30 people play only 5 tickets each, then pot gain 30,000,000 credits ! Oh and wait, there is more. If nobody wins then the money is transferred in the pot of the next month, until it reaches the maximum of 250 million !! ... however be careful, if you win, you have to claim your money BEFORE the next drawing or it will be thrown-in again.


The rules here are pretty simple. Every time you throw the dices you have to bet a many credits as you want and then, try to guess the result ... So, are you in ?


Every time you spin, you automatically bet 20,000 credits. 80% of the sum of all bet done by all the players is added to the jackpot.

If you got 1 YT 1300, you get 1,000 credits refunded
If you got 2 YT 1300, you get back your 10,000 credits
If you got 3 YT 1300, You win 60,000 credits
If you got 4 YT 1300, YOu win the Current Jackpot !!!
Everytime a jackpot is won, the new Slot machine jackpot will go to 0 and will be credited with 5,000,000 after inquery.


This tool, provided for free, is designed to be a 100% secure and hassle free tool to pick up raffle winners. How does it work ? Pretty simple. You just have to give your raffle names and link. Be sure to copy and paste exactly the link to your raffle on the Darkness forum.

Once the results are generated, the tool will provide you various kind of validation link. Just give the validation link to your participants. This link allows them to check the results. Also the tool guarantees that the results have been generated only once for a given raffle.

Beware, the raffle link is used to ensure that it is only used once. please, double check it when you are on the checking result page.

There can be no cheating with the Raffle Random Winner Generator. Sentients, call for the use of this tool whenever you participate in a Raffle !


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