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Baobab Merchant Fleet

Type: Trading
Founded On: Year 9 Day 268
Leader: Narod Haler
Second In Command: Zeth Quo
Recruitment Liaisons: Zeth Quo, Narod Haler, Davin Markyle, Alan Scott
IRC Chatroom: #cmg-bmf

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The days of ill-spent credits are over!

Baobab Merchant Fleet has a number of clear goals and they’re all focused on helping you make yours dreams come true.

We take pride in helping our customers out with everything related to trading. From trading advice to real estate, we’ve got it all covered. Our ties to the New Republic widen the range of perspective for you, creating easier access to some of the most acclaimed goods and services in the known Galaxy. The location of our main base of operations in the Arbran system, in the Bon`nyuw-Luq sector, offers an easy and fast access for our pilots to all your projects in the south of the Galaxy.

Furthermore, our fleet consists of the best ships for every job, the renowned BFF1 Bulk Freighter, being the workhorse of our fleet. Supported by proven light freighters such as the YT1210 and YT2000 and by our "Big Boys", Tabder Heavy Haulers and Modular Taskforce Cruisers.

We also have a flawless record in customer facility management, as to the point where you may find us managing almost every casino on this side of the galaxy.

If you count on Baobab Merchant Fleet, you can sit back and watch your bank account grow, or as we like to say it:

"Baobab Merchant Fleet, making money grow from the trees."


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